New Virgin Atlantic Fares

As if flying wasn’t complicated enough already, Virgin Atlantic are creating 3 new Economy fares for customers to get their heads around.

These new fares are to be known as Classic, Light & Delight.

Classic Fares – As the name implies, Classic fares are pretty much what Virgin Atlantic have offered up until now. The inflight product (seats, entertainment, meals etc) remains exactly the same as now, as does the checked-in baggage allowance of 23kgs per person. In fact, the only change – and it’s an improvement on the current situation – is that customers can select their seats, for free, at any time after booking.

Light Fares – Customers travelling on Light Fares, the very cheapest that the airline offer, will benefit from exactly the same inflight product as those booked on Classic Fares, ie same seats & free meals. Where they will differ is (a) customers will only be able to take hand-luggage with them, currently limited to 10kgs per person, (b) seats will only be assigned at check-in, (c) tickets must be paid for in full at the time of booking and are 100% non-changeable / non-refundable and (d) customers must travel out and back on the same fare, ie it will not be possible to combine Light economy fares outbound with return Classic economy, Premium Economy or Upper Class fares.

Virgin Atlantic economy light fares

Delight Fares – Customers travelling on a Delight economy fare will benefit from an additional 3 inches of legroom (34 inches compared to the normal 31), dedicated storage and priority check-in / boarding. Other than that, they are identical to the service provided under Classic Economy fares.

With these new fares, Virgin Atlantic join a select band of international airlines to offer 4 distinct cabins on its flights: Economy Classic, Economy Delight, Premium Economy & Upper Class.

Family holidays to Varadero, Cuba with Virgin Atlantic

What the new fares offer:

Features Economy
Seat type Standard Standard Extra legroom
Seat pitch 31″ 31″ 34″
Free seat selection at any time Assigned at check
 Yes  Yes
Meals and drinks  Yes  Yes  Yes
Inflight entertainment  Yes  Yes  Yes
Checked luggage  No 1 x 23kg 1 x 23kg
Hand luggage  Yes  Yes  Yes
Dedicated storage  No  No  Yes
Priority check in and boarding  No  No  Yes
Blanket pillow and headphones  Yes  Yes  Yes
In seat USB power  Yes  Yes  Yes
WiFi At a charge At a charge At a charge
Changes and cancellations No refunds or
Refer to fare rules Refer to fare rules
Service combinations Must be same service
both ways
Combine with other
services / cabins
Combine with other
services / cabins
Miles earned 25% 50-150% 150%
Tier points  Yes  Yes  Yes
Upgrade with miles  No  Yes  Yes
Upgrade with money  No  Yes  Yes
Seat width Up to 17″ Up to 17″ Up to 17″
Seat recline 5-6″ 5-6″ 5-6″
Headphones Standard Standard Standard
Media screen size Up to 9″ Up to 9″ Up to 9″

Virgin Atlantic fly from London to both Havana and Cancun

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