Aguateca is an important Mayan site located in the Peten region of northern Guatemala and was one of a number of important settlements in the area including Dos Pillas and Ceibal.
Trekking Mt Pacaya

Trekking Mt Pacaya

Guatemala is known as the land of volcanos – there are almost 30 of them – and top of the list of things to do for many visitors is a trek up at least one of them

Macaw Mountain Bird Park

Located approximately 1 ½ miles outside of the small Honduran town of Copan, the Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve might not be as famous as the nearby Mayan ruins but is equally deserving of a visit.

Museums of Guatemala City

Despite its rich Mayan history, Guatemala is surprisingly short when it comes to stand-out museums although the capital, Guatemala City, does have a couple of options.