Lanquin Caves

Lanquin Caves

What do a frog, a brain, a monkey, an alien, the Virgin Mary and Scooby Doo all have in common? Well, if you ask your guide to point them out, and use a bit of imagination, then there are rock and stalactite formations resembling each of the aforementioned in the Lanquin Caves.

Monkey Island

I don’t know of that many hotels with both a private lake and an island inhabited by monkeys. Welcome to Monkey Island at Las Lagunas hotel.

Semuc Champey

Considered by many to be the most beautiful spot in Guatemala (although the residents of Lake Atitlan might have something to say about that), Semuc Champey consists of a series of tiered limestone pools leading down to the River Cahabon.
Trekking Mt Pacaya

Trekking Mt Pacaya

Guatemala is known as the land of volcanos – there are almost 30 of them – and top of the list of things to do for many visitors is a trek up at least one of them

Macaw Mountain Bird Park

Located approximately 1 ½ miles outside of the small Honduran town of Copan, the Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve might not be as famous as the nearby Mayan ruins but is equally deserving of a visit.


Although there is little of interest in Sayaxche itself, the town is an important jumping off point for boat trips to the Mayan sites of Ceibal and Aguateca.