Lost Cities of the Maya – Discovered!

Anyone who has visited Guatemala’s northern province of Peten (or the neighbouring southern reaches of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula) will know that the region is sparsely populated and largely covered by a dense jungle blanket which stretches for mile after mile.
Lanquin Caves

Lanquin Caves

What do a frog, a brain, a monkey, an alien, the Virgin Mary and Scooby Doo all have in common? Well, if you ask your guide to point them out, and use a bit of imagination, then there are rock and stalactite formations resembling each of the aforementioned in the Lanquin Caves.

Where To Stay In Guatemala City

First things first, I should mention that this article on where to stay in Guatemala City is directed purely at leisure travellers – those on business will probably have different requirements, circumstances etc.

Monkey Island

I don’t know of that many hotels with both a private lake and an island inhabited by monkeys. Welcome to Monkey Island at Las Lagunas hotel.