The Mennonites of Belize

With their origins in 16th Century Holland, and specifically the writings of Menno Simons, the Mennonites are a sub-sect of the Anabaptist Christian tradition

Great Blue Hole

One of Belize’s key tourist attractions, albeit some 43 miles offshore, the Great Blue Hole is a giant submarine sinkhole.


Pronounced ‘Shoo-Nahn-Too-Nich’, Xunantunich means Stone Woman in Mayan, referring to a ghost who was said to inhabit the site. However, this story only dates back to the late 19th century and the original name of the site remains a mystery.


Quick trivia question – what is the tallest building in Belize? An office block in Belize city, a government ministry in the capital Belmopan or perhaps even the air traffic control tower at the country’s international airport? Nope, in fact the answer is the main pyramid at the ancient Mayan site of Caracol which stands at some 44 metres high.
The House on the Hill

The House on the Hill

Atop a steep hill with stunning views over the surrounding countryside, the House on the Hill is located an easy 10-minute taxi-ride from the popular tourist town of San Ignacio and offers a stylish alternative to the more traditional hotels in the Cayo district.

Flying In Belize

Aviation geeks aside, the majority of travellers look forward to internal flights with the same enthusiasm as a dental trip. The cure? Go flying in Belize.

Placencia Village

The southern-most of Belize’s established holiday destinations, but still just a 30-minute flight from Belize City, Placencia is essentially a 16-mile peninsula with the Caribbean on one side and a large lagoon on the other.